Our Company V.D.S.D. Projects is well known in Europe and beyond where we buy and sell used mobile devices to give them a second life. 

We are offering all brands and grades.

Portfolio wholesale:

- wholesale of used and refurbished smartphones, tablets, laptops, ... 

- buy back of used company inventory

For more information, feel free to contact Sam Van Den Steen:





General Conditions VDSD Projects VOF



All following conditions are applied as from the moment a deal is closed between buyer and VDSD Projects VOF. A deal is closed when buyer agrees with price, this always must be written by email, whatsapp, text message, .. . From the moment that buyer receives the proforma invoice he agrees with following conditions:


These general conditions apply for all sales done between V.D.S.D. Projects and his  customers. 


The only court legitimate for all discussions is the court of companies and trade of Dendermonde.  

All sales are done ex works. If customer requests to provide logistic services, the standard service provided is standard shipment without insurance. Customer has to ask and pay if he provides higher services.

final colour split can be different

all proforma's must be paid within 72H maximum either wise V.D.S.D. Projects has the right to charge an extra fee of 5% of the total amount.

All grading of goods is accepted by you as a customer when you make payment. Grading definitions of customer and supplier can be different as this is a subjective matter.

Delivery delay is agreed before closing a deal but can be longer if V.D.S.D. Projects needs more time. This is accepted by customer and no reason to cancel the deal.

The way goods are delivered (packaging, IMEi codes either on are not) are VDSD Projects choice.

Concerning RMA service, in case of doubt and any discussion, VDSD Projects reserves the right to refuse any RMA. The customer has to accept these decisions.

When V.S.D.S. Projects decides to grand a CN for compensation either other reason all CN are applicable on next deals. A refund can only be approved by goodwill of VDSD Projects and is never a standard procedure.


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